How To Manage Social Media

Do you know what the hardest thing about Social Media Management is, for me? It’s getting my client to understand that Social Media is about people. PEOPLE. And socialising. Making connections. Building relationships. I take it far too seriously but someone has to. I am that someone. Too many “experts” are very good at looking at campaigns… Isolated projects where they have to create a flyer and a banner and boost two posts so people see it and “engage” with it. Add a prize? Shit yes, that’ll really get the numbers up. But what value does it have? Also, everyone is doing that. All the “experts”. So, what should a brand be doing on Social Media? Excellent bloody question. And I honestly couldn’t give you the answer here. I could absolutely rattle off a list of things you should do because this brand did it well or that agency did this thing and they have people that think nicely so it must be good and this emoji is popular so let’s get people to use it BUT so what? Are we trying to look busy or are we trying to be effective? My friend Ash posted a great Socrates quote on Instagram recently and it couldn’t be more appropriate… “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”

Social Media is about people. Marketing is about people. Why? Because you need people to buy into your thing if your business is going to be a success. But why should they? Why should they spend their hard-earned money on you?

Until I’ve unpacked your business, its product/s, its people, its methods, its goals, its failures, and its successes, I am only as valuable as the expert who is selling you the campaign with the promise of 400 000 people seeing your post. So damn what?

Slow down. Do things properly.

Back To The Start

I remember being ten years old and discovering I could make my own money by selling bulbs through my school. Not the light ones, the packets with the seeds in them that eventually turn into plants…

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