This is a page of beautiful things that have stood out for me. If you are viewing this from your iPhone (it’s all I have to reference) and can’t see all the text, turn your phone sideways. In fact, this whole site is better sideways (on an iPhone).

It’s been almost a year since I went to America with friends. Now every time I see a vintage car, I think back to exploring Newport on Rhode Island. I found this picture through @nightydrunklovers on Instagram. It’s a smokin’ account. 22 April 2016

This was taken as I was flying out of Cape Town and heading off to Stellenbosch. My favourite thing about flying, outside of the unbelievable perspective it gives on the lay of the land, is listening to air traffic control. Thank you to NAC Helicopters for the incredible experience. 19 April 2016

Having worked in hospitality, event management and tourism, I deeply respect the teams of people who commit to giving other people a five star experience and it’s something I have never and will never take for granted. Day in and day out, to provide for, and then clean up after others. To honour heritage by maintaining an historical estate. To doing things excellently regardless of the return on investment. It blows my mind. A massive thank you to Lanzerac for the privilege of experiencing what you do so well.

Lunch at La Mouette on a magnificent Sunday afternoon in Autumn. Outside of the one time where the waiter INSISTED that our ENTIRE table either order from the special Tasting Menu or à la Carte, I have loved every meal I have had at La Mouette. It is always delicious, the plates are always beautiful and the service is always exceptional. Except for that one time. 17 April 2016